Loto Boufusan
Fat Burner


This is product is based on the Chinese medicine theory. It is expected to help reduce fat under the skin due to the drop of metabolism during
aging. For 10 tablets it contains 4167mg of effective ingredients. With only 2 dosage per day it will help raise the fat  burning effectiveness which helps improve the metabolic syndrome. It will also help replenish power and effective against those fats on the waist and also metabolic due to constipations.

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Had you had been experiencing the following?

Had fats around the waist area

Had the feeling that those fats around the waist are getting harder to take away

Had a feeling that you had fats under your skin and had constipation

Effective towards Constipation metabolic

To the person with constipation problems this Chinese medicine product might be able to help you.

Fat under skin refers to those fats under the sking around the waist. It is said that once it got on to your skin it is very hard to take it off. It is also effective towards fats that are due to aging. Lots Bofusan is being extracted from 18 different herb essence. with only 2 dosage per day it can help to raise metabolism to effectively burn fats

Recommended consumption timing will be 10 – 30 minutes before meal or between meals (2 -3 hours)

Bofuseisan effects

  • 1 .To lose fats that had been accumulated
  • 2. Dissolve of fats and burning fats will help those had problem with fats around their waist.
  • 3. It will also be effective those with constipation problem due to metabolic syndrome
  • 4. Improve bowel movement  and help improve constipation problem

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