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Oxyron E300

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Relief of the following symptoms during menopause Shoulder/neck stiffness, coldness, numbness of limbs, hot flush menstruation



Oxyron E300 360T for Numbness, cold hand and feet, shoulder stiffness reliever



The tips of the body and capillaries are liable to cause blood circulation disorders, and the limbs may feel numb or cold. Also, during menopause, hormone secretion is easily disturbed, and various symptoms such as stiff shoulders, chills, and numbness of limbs occur. Oxolone E300 is mainly dl-α-tocopherol acetate garlic extract odorless active ingredient (RIKEN oxoresin powder), vitamin B1, which obtains energy by decomposing sugars, originally discovered from the effect of preventing dermatitis and metabolism of protein It is a vitamin E main drug formulation that contains vitamin B6, which is indispensable to the body, and improves the peripheral blood circulation disorder and regulates the disturbance of hormone secretion that occurs during menopause, and relieves symptoms such as stiff neck and shoulder, coldness, and numbness of hands and feet. ..



Relief of the following symptoms* due to peripheral blood circulation disorder: Shoulder/neck stiff neck, numbness/coldness of limbs/limbs,

symptom Relief of the following symptoms* during menopause: Shoulder/neck stiffness, coldness, numbness of limbs, hot flush menstruation*

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Weight 800 g
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120 Tablet, 360 Tablet, 7200 Tablet


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