Customer Review is a service for customers who own an account and have purchased commodities through SHOPPINGU, by which customers may submit their opinions about commodities and shops. Please be kindly notified that any reviews violating Customer Review Guidelines, Terms of Use, other terms, policies or guidelines shall be removed or deleted.When submitting reviews, you agree to comply with the following rules and requirements.

How you may submit reviews and why they are needed

・When submitting reviews, please, in details, focus on the features of commodities and the services (customer interactions, delivery and packing, etc.) you have received from the shops.

・An acceptable review shall be confined to 400 words.

・Not only positive reviews but also negative ones are welcomed and provided that your reviews can help other customers make the decisions they will be useful and published.

・You fully understand that reviews falling under the following situations will be removed and deleted.

Forbidden reviews:

・Reviews that infringe upon the intellectual property rights, fame, privacy and other rights or interests of others.

・Reviews that violate social public interests and morals.

・Reviews that contain contents submitted by others or published by other websites.

・Reviews that contain fictitious statements or distorting facts.

・Reviews that slander shops with contents that are abusive and spiteful.

・Reviews that contain personal information (names, phone numbers or email addresses) of buyers or others.

・Reviews that contain distasteful and morbid contents.

・Reviews that contain obscene and salacious contents.

・Reviews that have adverse and negative effects on minors.

・Reviews that contain declaration of committing crimes, instigation of crimes and other contents that indicate, imply, or promote crimes.

・Reviews that instigate dangerous acts.

・Reviews that are not pertinent to corresponding transactions and shops.

・Reviews with purposes of obtaining profit or submitted by interested persons pertaining to merchants.

・Reviews about competing products and submitted by interested persons pertaining to merchants.

・Reviews about the comments of others for a specific commodity.

・Plural reviews submitted by a same person on one commodity.

・Other reviews or acts, judged by Life Co Ltd, that are inappropriate and cannot be published or acceptable.

・Posting images files with the malicious intent to rewrite SHOPPINGU code is forbidden and will be dealt with appropriately.

※Life Co Ltd may amend or revise Customer Review Guidelines at its discretion without any notice in advance.

Please turn to Customer Service if you have inquiries related to submitted reviews and Customer Review Guidelines. Reviews will be published as what they are submitted. Reviews are at most others’ subjective opinions and if you refer to them when purchasing commodities, please make your decisions circumspectly.